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Nuclear Power is waste of money

The detrimental effects of nuclear radiation to human health is largely unknown. According to British Lecturer, Benjamin Creme nuclear power is extremely harmful to human health. Nuclear power stations are poisoning our earth. It is reducing the immunity of people to viruses and other infections and causing an epidemic of pre-senile dementia. When the Masters of Wisdom (members of the spiritual kingdom or the kingdom of God) are living openly and advising humanity (externalization of the Spiritual hierarchy) they will advocate the decommissioning of all nuclear power stations. Spiritual Kingdom is the kingdom above human kingdom which already exists alongside human kingdom just as human kingdom is above animal kingdom. Due to the primitive state of science on earth, the primitive earth scientists have no equipment to measure the harmful effects of nuclear radiation.

Nuclear radiation is affecting the etheric matter of our planet (dark matter, subtle matter or invisible matter). It affects the etheric body (made of dark or subtle or invisible matter) of people, which underlie our physical body. This is reducing the immunity of humanity to viruses and causing epidemics of various viruses. It is also making people more prone to dementia at a younger and younger age. In the past dementia mainly affected the elderly and more older you are you are more likely to get it. This has now changed and is affecting people under the age of 65 years (pre-senile dementia). According our Spiritual Hierarchy, the Masters of Wisdom, the threat posed by nuclear radiation coming from nuclear power stations is more dangerous than the effects of global warming.

According to Mr Creme humanity is surviving on earth due to the goodwill of our space brothers, the advanced humanity living on other planets. They are neutralising the harmful effects of nuclear radiation and other pollutants on earth making earth barely liveable. Without them life of humanity on earth would have been very painful. Space brothers are travelling in their UFO's in our atmosphere and spending 90% of their time neutralising nuclear radiation. They also work from their bases underground and undersea neutralising the nuclear waste dumped underground and undersea from our nuclear power stations. We should stop building new power stations that use primitive nuclear fission technology, as it is extremely dangerous. Mr Creme would advise world governments not to build new nuclear power stations. It will be a total waste of money, which could be used to improve living conditions on earth.

With the Masters of Wisdom living openly on earth we will have new technology and new unlimited sources of energy. According to Mr Creme we have enough supplies of oil to last until the new technology is available. It is good that Germany has stopped building new nuclear power stations but they have extended the life of their existing nuclear power stations. A Country such as France which is relying mostly on nuclear power will soon has to build new power stations as most of their power stations will soon have to be decommissioned. It is not worth wasting money and building new nuclear power stations which will soon need to be decommissioned. Third world countries such as India and others should not build new nuclear power stations. India has just signed a deal with Russia to built more nuclear power stations. With the building of nuclear power stations India will also have an epidemic of pre-senile dementia like the countries in the West.

When we have stopped killing our fellow human beings through war, as we are doing now, we will be given new technology and new sources of unlimited free power. At the moment it is too dangerous to be given to humanity, as we will simply use it kill each other. At the moment our space brothers are laying the groundwork for us to use this new technology of light, which will give us this unlimited supply of energy in some future date when we have stopped war forever. Prior to this new technology of light we may use cold fusion using an isotope of water to get energy as an interim measure. The experiments into hot fusion of hydrogen are unlikely to be successful.

According to Mr Creme all planets in our solar system are inhabited. Some have very advanced civilisations far advanced than ours. They live in etheric plane made of etheric physical matter, dark matter or subtle matter, invisible to our eyes made of dense physical matter. They travel in UFOs made of the same matter. They can make themselves visible by lowering their vibrations temporarily so we can see them at times.

When we treat all humanity as one, the brothers and sisters of one family and share the resources of earth instead of going to war and killing millions of people and allowing millions to die through starvation, lack of basic medical care, basic education, lack of justice and fair play which we take for granted. Then we will be given new technology to solve all our problems. Then we will built a new golden civilisation and able to roam the galaxy in our own spacecraft. At the moment we cannot be trusted to use it appropriately.

According to Mr Creme, people of the world will soon see Lord Maitreya, the Christ, Head and Leader of the Spiritual Kingdom, the teacher alike of angels and men, who has given about 31 talks on US television.

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