This page is about my interest in the spirituality in the New Age, It has links for information on Esoteric teachings, Ageless Wisdom, miracles, supernatural phenomena and modern spiritual teachers such as Sai Baba, Maitreya and other Avatars.

There are also links for information about topics such as life after death and complementary medicine.

The New World Prayer

The new world prayer was given by Maitreya in July 1988 is really an affirmation with an invocative effect, and will be a powerful tool in the recognition by us that man and God are one, that there is no separation. By affirming that I am the creator of the universe I can come into consciousness (eventually) that I am God, the true reality.

I am the creator of the universe.

I am the father and mother of the universe.

Everything came from me.

Everything shall return to me.

Mind, spirit and body are my temples

For the Self to realize in them

My supreme Being and Becoming

The Lord Maitreya

Take your brother's need as the measure for your action, and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course.

Share and save the world.

Fear not!

All in time will be renewed.

All in time will be returned to light.

Lord Maitreya

My interest in Ageless Wisdom

Sai Baba
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I became interested in Ageless Wisdom after reading a book called Maitreya Mission - Volume 1 by Benjamin Creme in my local library and attending a free lecture given by Benjamin Creme at Quakers Friends House in Euston opposite Euston station in London, England around 1992. He spoke about the emergence of a World Teacher called Maitreya who he mentioned was the teacher expected by most of the religions of the world. He also gave a blessing from Maitreya.

After attending his lecture few times I became interested in a new form of meditation called transmission meditation, which I have been doing since except for short breaks. Mr Creme conducted free workshops teaching people how to do transmission meditation. Mr Creme passed away in 2016. While doing the meditation I started reading the work of an English writer called Alice a Bailey. She wrote about 25 books between 1919 and 1949. They provide the philosophical background to the information given by Mr Creme and give further background information about the emergence of Lord Maitreya, who Mr Creme said was the Christ and head of the Kingdom of God.

Maitreya has a large group of disciples who are called Masters of Wisdom and Lords of Compassion. They belong to the Kingdom of God, heaven or Nirvana. Mr Creme and the books give information about their life and the work the Masters do in the world. Masters of Wisdom work through their disciples in the world, in various fields such as politics, science, religion, economics, arts and literature. I have given some links below for further information on Ageless Wisdom and Maitreya.

Recommended reading

  • Read Benjamin Creme's books online
  • Maitreya's Teachings, The Laws of Life,Edited and introduced by Benjamin Creme, Share International Foundation, ISBN 90-71484-31-9

    The Great Approach, Benjamin Creme (Share International Foundation, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles)

    The Art of Co-operation, Benjamin Creme (Share International Foundation, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles)

    The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom, Benjamin Creme (The Tara Press)

    Maitreya Mission Volume One, Benjamin Creme (Share International Foundation, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles)

    Maitreya Mission Volume Two, Benjamin Creme (Share International Foundation, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles)

    Maitreya Mission Volume Three, Benjamin Creme (Share International Foundation, Amsterdam, London, Los Angeles)

    Alice A Bailey, The Reappearance of Christ (London: Lucis Press, 1948)

    Alice A Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy (London: Lucis Press, 1955)

    H P Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine (London: The Theosophical Publishing House, 1888)

    Helena Roerich, Leaves of Morya's Garden, Volume I : The Call (New York: Agni Yoga Society, 1924)

    - Leaves of Morya's Garden, Volume II : Illumination (New York: Agni Yoga Society, 1925

    When you see Me, you will understand the reasons for your presence in the world. You are here my friends, to serve the plan of God. You are here each of you, from love of your brothers. You are here too, to learn, to expand your knowledge of that Plan and to progress along the Path. That is the truth of your presence at this time. Take heed, then, of this opportunity which I present to you: to share with Me in my work of succour, to ease my burden, to unfold God within you and to lead your brothers to Light.

    Many there are whom I call. Many there are who wait and listen. Few there are, indeed, who seize the time and act. These few are my people. May you become one of them

    Lord Maitreya

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