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The New World Prayer

The new world prayer was given by Maitreya in July 1988 is really an affirmation with an invocative effect, and will be a powerful tool in the recognition by us that man and God are one, that there is no separation. By affirming that I am the creator of the universe I can come into consciousness (eventually) that I am God, the true reality.

I am the creator of the universe.

I am the father and mother of the universe.

Everything came from me.

Everything shall return to me.

Mind, spirit and body are my temples

For the Self to realize in them

My supreme Being and Becoming

The Lord Maitreya

Take your brother's need as the measure for your action, and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course.

Share and save the world.

Fear not!

All in time will be renewed.

All in time will be returned to light.

Lord Maitreya

"Let the disciple seize hold of the tail of the serpent of wisdom, and having with firmness grasped it, let him follow it into the deepest centre of the Hall of Wisdom. Let him not be betrayed into the trap set for him by the serpent of illusion, but let him shut his eyes to the colourful tracery upon its back, and his ears to the melody of its voice. Let him discern the jewel, set in the forehead of the serpent whose tail he holds, and by its radiance traverse the miry halls of maya (illusion)."

Alice A Bailey

"Before the throne of God, the angel, with all the other angels, stood and cried: 'Lord of my life, grant me the strength to tread the path of revelation; to cross the sea of dark illusion, and face the lighted way of earth.' God said: 'Go forth and far away.'

"Before the gate which opens on the lighted way to peace, the angel stood alone and said: 'Lord of my life, the way of revelation is the way of manifested life; the path of dark illusion leads to the light which scatters every shadow. I seek to tread the lighted way which lead back to thy Presence. As yet that way is dark. What shall I do?' God said, 'Draw near and enter into thine own light, and in that light, see Light.'

"Before the gateway of each newborn day, which holds within its sealed hours ordered responsibility, each morn I stand. I cry aloud: 'Lord of my life, how can I do the duty of this day and seek detachment? Meet every need and yet free myself from ties and bonds?' God said: 'The sun draws near and vivifies the earth. Naught can it take from out the earth. Live likewise. Give and ask naught!'"

Alice A Bailey

Masters of Wisdom Who Are They

Sai Baba
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Masters of Wisdom are men like us who have gone ahead of us in evolution and have now perfected themselves by the very same steps we are taking today. They have learned the every lesson the earth has to teach them, have undergone every disappointment, humiliation, and pain, and are now members of the Spiritual Kingdom or the Kingdom of God or Heaven. Therefore the earth has no further to offer them and most of them have moved on to other higher planets within and outside our solar system.

They have many names, the Great White Brotherhood, the Society of Illumined Minds, the Elder Brothers of humanity, the Teachers, the Guides, the Mahatmas, the Masters of Wisdom and Lords of Compassion. As a group they are known as the Spiritual Hierarchy. Ordinary people refer to them, as Angels and they are the Angels mentioned in Christianity.

Some of them have remained on earth for millennia living occultly in the mountainous and desert regions of earth beneficently overseeing the evolution of their fellow men and women. Some of them are quite well known names in every field of human endeavour both religious and secular such as science, philosophy, literature, art, music, economics, and politics.

Those who are in incarnation, some of them were born to the world in the normal way while others live in their self created bodies of illusion (mayavirupa). They do not suffer from diseases as we do, do not grow old as fast as we do and some of them are thousands of years old. They do not even have to eat, drink or sleep and can appear and disappear at will. They are omniscient and some of them are omnipresent and are able to see the past, present and future as one in the eternal now.

All the Masters belong to one of the 7 major ashrams (groups) depending on their soul ray, the seven energies that control the universe (the first three energies are known as the Trinity). Master Morya (St Peter) is a Master in the first ray ashram. Master Koot Humi (St John the Beloved) and Master Djwhal Khul (writer of Alice Bailey teachings) are in the 2nd ray ashram. English master is in the third ray ashram. Master Serapis, Mozart and Beethovan are Masters in the 4th ray ashram. Master Hilarian (St Paul) is a Master in the 5th ray ashram. Master Jesus and the Master who was Madonna are in the 6th ray ashram. Master Rakoczi is a Master in the 7th ray Ashram. He was known as the Comte de St Germain and, before that, in England, He was known as Roger Bacon and later again as Francis Bacon.

At present all the Masters live in male bodies and therefore there are no female Masters. According to Mr Creme the reason for this is that at the moment there is an excess of female energy on earth, and therefore to balance this all the Masters when they take incarnation on earth they take male bodies. Male and female energies are likely to come into equilibrium in about 270 years from now and this will allow the Masters to take female bodies. The first female Master will incarnate around that time and She will be Madonna the mother of Jesus.

The head and leader of this group is a man by the name of Maitreya. He is so advanced that he embodies in his own body one aspect of the deity or God; the energy referred to as Love or Christ Consciousness. This entitles him to the title Christ. St. Paul referred to him as "the teacher alike of angels and men". He is one of the the first of our humanity along with the Buddha to attain divinity. He is referred to as the World Teacher.

According to esoteric tradition Masters used to live openly on earth about 80,000 years ago during the time of Atlantean civilisation. At that time there was a war between the forces of evil and the forces of light represented by the Masters of Wisdom and their disciples. Neither side was strong enough to win the war and there was a stalemate. Then the heavenly man (God) who ensouls our planet decided to sink the continent of Atlantis to bring the war to an end. After the sinking of the continent of Atlantis Masters retreated to the desert and mountainous regions of earth. It is said by Mr Benjamin Creme that they are now one by one returning to the everyday world and eventually about 40 of them will be living openly in the world, advising and teaching humanity.

Sixty-three of them are involved with human evolution while others are involved with the evolution of animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. According to Mr Creme fifteen of them have already returned to the everyday world and are currently living in major cities of the world. They will show humanity that every human being can one day be like them.

According to Master D K, Hierarchy is the result of human activity and aspiration; it has been created by humanity. Its members are human beings who have lived suffered, achieved, failed, attained success, endured death and passed through the experience of resurrection. All states of consciousness are known to Them and They have mastered all of them; They have mastered them as men, thus guaranteeing to humanity the same ultimate achievement. Hierarchy is a community of successful men Who submitted themselves to the same purificatory fires of daily living, working out their own salvation as men and women, business men, as husbands and wives, farmers and rulers and that they know life in all their phases and gradation.

The Hierarchy is not separate from humanity. The work of all three centres Shamballa, Hierarchy, and Humanity are merged, fused and interdependent. Shamballa is the Centre where the 'Lord of the World' or God resides with his council of ministers, an etheric centre in sky of the Gobi desert in China. 'Lord of the World' is referred to as 'Sanat Kumara' in Eastern teachings. Jesus referred to him as 'My Father in Heaven' and he is referred to as God in all the world religions. Sometimes people ask if there is a God why he does not stop all the bad things happenning in the world. Most of the bad things happenning in the world are the results of human action. As adult grown up human beings we should know how to behave, see the results of our own actions and learn the lessons of our mistakes. Everyone has to pay the price of wrong action or nonaction.

Shamballa represents the divine will or purpose. Buddha, the Illumined One is the spiritual intermediary between the highest spiritual centre, Shamballa and the Hierarchy. The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the Embodiment of Light and the Indicator of divine Purpose. On the full moon day in May (Wesak) Buddha visits the Hierarchy and He is received by the three heads of the Hierarchy, the Christ, Manu, and Lord of Civilisation and their disciples.

The Hierarchy's appearance on the physical plane is not only due to hierarchical intent, but to the demand of mankind and due the strong vibration and note Humanity has set up. To that extent Humanity controls the activities of the Hierarchy and thus precipitates action. At the same time all that can be traced back to Shamballa, is inherent in divine purpose and is impulsed and impelled by Shamballa energy, distributed throughout the planet via the Hierarchy in the majority of cases. Both Hierarchy and Humanity are brought under the influence of extra planetary forces, which make their impact upon the planet via Shamballa.

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Sharing indeed, is divine. It underlies all progress for man. By its means, my brothers and sisters, you can come into correct relationship with God; and this, My friends, underlies your lives. When you share, you recognise God in your brother. This is a simple truth, simple, but until now difficult for man to grasp. The time has come to evidence this truth.

Lord Maitreya

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