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According to a London artist Benjamin Creme, Maitreya, the Christ lives in the Asian community in the East End of London, England, UK. In July 1977 Maitreya emerged from His centre in the Himalayas and travelled to London through Pakistan. Since then He has lived in London as an ordinary man concerned with modern problems. Maitreya has been emerging as a spokesman in the Pakistani-Indian community. He is not a religious leader but an educator in the broadest sense, pointing the way out of the present world crisis.

Maitreya does not intend to build a new religion around him, nor to create followers but to teach humanity "the art of Self-realisation". Maitreya's social concern is reflected in his list of priorities, an adequate supply of right food, adequate housing and shelter for all, health care and education as a universal right for all. His message is very simple "Share and save the world".

According to Mr Creme Maitreya's first task will be to ask humanity to share the resources of earth with his brothers in the third world, so that no one will die of starvation in a world of plenty. When the resources are shared everyone will have food to eat, roofs over their heads, basic medical care and education. Maitreya knows that we will accept His advice and that we are on the threshold of an era of peace and goodwill.

A Statue of Maitreya

Over consumption of resources by the Western World is causing many problems for the world. While people of the western world are dying from the diseases such as heart disease and obesity caused by the overeating and other diseases caused by environmental pollution, 30 million people including 10.5 million children are dying from starvation in the third world every year. This is equivalent to an Asian tsunami disaster happening everyday of the week. Public response to the Asian tsunami shows that people are now ready for sharing of resources.

The imbalances due to poverty and injustice in the third world, caused by the unequal distribution of resources has in it the seed of a third world war. The next world war will be nuclear and it will destroy all life on earth, as even the third world countries now have nuclear weapons. If the pollution from over consumption and the natural disasters from the change of weather did not kill us certainly the nuclear war is likely to destroy us. Maitreya has come just in time to save us from disaster.

Maitreya has appeared on TV in USA, Mexico, Brazil and Russia. He is currently appearing on TV in China. In these TV appearances he is not introduced as Maitreya or as Christ but as someone who is interested in modern problems. He is able to speak in any language as a native speaker without an accent. These will lead to more TV appearances and in due course to the Day of Declaration, when Maitreya will mentally 'overshadow' all of humanity simultaneously. Each of us will hear His words inwardly, telepathically, in our own language, and all will know that the World Teacher is now among us.

Maitreya is so pure and spiritually advanced that He embodies in His own body the energy of love (Christ Principle), which entitles Him to the title 'The Christ'. Maitreya is also overshadowed by His brother Buddha. Who embodies the wisdom aspect of God and sends Him the energy of wisdom.

Maitreya is in His self-created body of manifestation (mayavirupa) and as the World Teacher for the Age of Aquarius He will be on earth among us for the whole of the Age of Aquarius, which is about 2500 years. When Maitreya emerges He will be accompanied by His beloved disciple Jesus and some of his other disciples who were with Jesus in Palestine.

Maitreya's arrival in the world was predicted by the English writer Alice A Bailey through a series of books published by Lucis Trust between 1919 and 1939. According to esoteric teaching, Maitreya manifested Himself 2000 years ago in Palestine by overshadowing His disciple Jesus now Master Jesus. He has also manifested Himself through Krishna, Sankarachariya, Caitanya, Bahaullah (Founder of Bahai faith), and more recently through Jeddu Krishnamurthi. He has also given 140 messages through Benjamin Creme. This time Maitreya has come Himself.

Christians hope for the return of the Christ, Buddhists expect the arrival of another Buddha with the name Maitreya Buddha, Muslims await the Imam Mahdi, Hindus a reincarnation of Krishna, and the Jews the Messiah. Students of the esoteric tradition know that all these different names refer to the same individual, the Lord Maitreya, the Head of our Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters and they look for his imminent return now.

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    When you see Me, you will understand the reasons for your presence in the world. You are here my friends, to serve the plan of God. You are here each of you, from love of your brothers. You are here too, to learn, to expand your knowledge of that Plan and to progress along the Path. That is the truth of your presence at this time. Take heed, then, of this opportunity which I present to you: to share with Me in my work of succour, to ease my burden, to unfold God within you and to lead your brothers to Light.

    Many there are whom I call. Many there are who wait and listen. Few there are, indeed, who seize the time and act. These few are my people. May you become one of them

    Lord Maitreya

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