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The New World Prayer

The new world prayer was given by Maitreya in July 1988 is really an affirmation with an invocative effect, and will be a powerful tool in the recognition by us that man and God are one, that there is no separation. By affirming that I am the creator of the universe I can come into consciousness (eventually) that I am God, the true reality.

I am the creator of the universe.

I am the father and mother of the universe.

Everything came from me.

Everything shall return to me.

Mind, spirit and body are my temples

For the Self to realize in them

My supreme Being and Becoming

The Lord Maitreya

Take your brother's need as the measure for your action, and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course.

Share and save the world.

Fear not!

All in time will be renewed.

All in time will be returned to light.

Lord Maitreya

"Let the disciple seize hold of the tail of the serpent of wisdom, and having with firmness grasped it, let him follow it into the deepest centre of the Hall of Wisdom. Let him not be betrayed into the trap set for him by the serpent of illusion, but let him shut his eyes to the colourful tracery upon its back, and his ears to the melody of its voice. Let him discern the jewel, set in the forehead of the serpent whose tail he holds, and by its radiance traverse the miry halls of maya (illusion)."

Alice A Bailey

"Before the throne of God, the angel, with all the other angels, stood and cried: 'Lord of my life, grant me the strength to tread the path of revelation; to cross the sea of dark illusion, and face the lighted way of earth.' God said: 'Go forth and far away.'

"Before the gate which opens on the lighted way to peace, the angel stood alone and said: 'Lord of my life, the way of revelation is the way of manifested life; the path of dark illusion leads to the light which scatters every shadow. I seek to tread the lighted way which lead back to thy Presence. As yet that way is dark. What shall I do?' God said, 'Draw near and enter into thine own light, and in that light, see Light.'

"Before the gateway of each newborn day, which holds within its sealed hours ordered responsibility, each morn I stand. I cry aloud: 'Lord of my life, how can I do the duty of this day and seek detachment? Meet every need and yet free myself from ties and bonds?' God said: 'The sun draws near and vivifies the earth. Naught can it take from out the earth. Live likewise. Give and ask naught!'"

Alice A Bailey

World Economic Collapse is Imminent - The Great Economic Crash

Sai Baba
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( This article was written few years ago and may no longer be relevent. But I am keeping it as it has many links and content somewhat relevent even today. )

We are at the beginning of another economic crash. The Chinese stock Market in Shanghai started going down few months ago and it has not fully recovered. This has now affected the stock markets in the rest of the world and delayed the expected interest rate rises in USA and UK. The Chinese economy is now suffering from the effects of a debt fuelled construction boom, which created the economic and stock market bubble that could not be sustained in the long term. The Chinese boom created some unoccupied ghost cities in China. The economic crash this time could be worse than the crash in 2008 crash. Though the economic collapse and depression will reduce the living standards in the developed world initially, but eventually it will be a blessing for the whole world.

The credit crunch, which started in 2008 following the sub-prime mortgage crisis in USA had affected most of the major banks in USA, UK and Europe and led to the collapse of several banks in USA, UK and Europe. Most banks needed new capital to remain solvent. Lot of banks has been nationalised by the governments of USA and UK. Despite the reduction in the interest rates by central banks to almost zero in USA, UK, Europe and Japan and the quantitative easing (the printing of money) by the central banks all over the world, the world economy is unlikely to keep growing and will start to deteriorate again.

This economic depression is likely to be as bad as the Great depression of the 1930s and will affect the whole world. These economic problems will create the conditions for the Second Coming of Christ. This is the end of the world predicted in the bible. Not the end of the world in the literal meaning of the word but the end of the old world and the beginning of a new world. Lord Maitreya the Christ who has been living in London, England since 1977 to prepare the world for his Second Coming has been appearing on TV in Mexico, Brazil, Russia and China and in many other countries. He appeared as an ordinary man and did not announce himself as Christ or Lord Maitreya in these appearances so that people can judge him by what he says and not by the titles he uses.

Gradually he is likely to recognised by people of the world. This will lead to further appearances and leading to his public declaration as the Christ. The Master Jesus currently living in Rome, Italy, who appeared as Jesus Christ 2000 years ago will present himself in a different role as the head of the Christian Church. Jesus has the job of purifying the Christian teachings and getting rid of the outdated dogmas and doctrines that no longer meeting the needs of the modern world.

In 1988 Lord Maitreya predicted that the world economic collapse would start in Japan. The Japanese stock market started going down from a great height of 40000 for the Nikkei Average in 1989 and dropped to about 7000 at one time. This led to the Asian economic crisis. The economic crisis spread to Russia and caused the collapse of the Russian Rouble at the time. It also affected the countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Now the turn has come again for USA, UK and the Europe and the whole world to be affected again. Japan has been having economic problems for the for the past 25 years.

At present the western world usurp and greedily waste the world resources including food, oil and other raw materials. The developing world has to live on the remaining share of world food and other resources. As a result every year 30 million people including 10 million children die of starvation and many more die of other preventable and curable diseases.

We will be entering a period of peace and tranquillity following the appearance of Lord Maitreya the Christ, the World Teacher. He will ask the West to share the resources of the world so that no one will die of starvation in a world of plenty.

The economic crash this time will eventually lead to creation of a new economic system to replace the current capitalistic economic system. The new economic system will be based the sharing of world resources or barter instead of the current economic system based on market forces, competition and greed. Lord Maitreya has said that the market forces are the forces of evil. The plans are already in place for the purpose sharing of world resources. This will be handled by an agency of the United Nations. Every country will be asked to produce an inventory of goods that it produces that is surplus to its needs. These goods will be added to a pool of world resources, which will be shared equitably depending on the needs of every nation. No one will die of starvation and every nation will be entitled to basic health care, basic education, clothing and shelter.

We will have many new technologies, which will make our lives lot easier. We will have new forms of energy and Lord Maitreya the Christ will advise us to abandon the dangerous form of nuclear energy based of nuclear fission. All the current nuclear reactors and new ones being built will be decommissioned. We will have new form of nuclear energy based on nuclear fusion, which is safer. The wave of younger and younger people suffering from dementia (Alzheimer's disease) is caused by the nuclear radiation coming from nuclear power stations polluting the environment, and weakening the immune system, which the scientists are not yet aware of. Eventually we will get all our energy directly from the sun.

All these changes will lead to the creation of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Lord Maitreya the Christ will inaugurate the Age of Aquarius, which will last about 2500 years. He will create a new brilliant golden civilisation based on righteousness and truth as predicted by previous World Teacher the Lord Buddha 2500 years ago. As Lord Maitreya is immortal and he will be with us for the whole of Age of Aquarius of 2500 years. This is the rein of the Christ predicted in the bible. When we come into incarnation again and again he will be at the centre of world affairs. The Age of Pieces, which was inaugurated by Jesus 2000 years ago and in which we have been living up to now has now come to an end.

Maitreya has not come to establish a new religion nor to create new followers but to eradicate poverty and injustice and to stop 30 million people dying every year of starvation in a world where 3 trillion dollars was spent by the US in Iraq war and led to the establishment of terrorist organisation 'ISIS'. Eradication of poverty and injustice will stop the wars and people will learn to live as brothers and sisters of one human family. He will teach us the art of self-realisation or God realisation. He has come as the world teacher and will be the teacher for the religious as well as for the atheists.

He is the teacher expected by all religions. Christians, expect him as the Christ, Buddhists expect him as Maitreya Buddha, and Hindus expect him as Kalki Avatar. He is expected as Imam Mahdi by Shia Muslims and as the Messiah by the Jews. We will also see Jesus who will present himself as the head of the Christian Church. Lord Maitreya manifested himself through Jesus 2000 years ago. He has manifested through many other teachers. He has now come himself without manifesting through another teacher, which he has been doing up to now.

(This is based on the teachings of Benjamin Creme)

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Sharing indeed, is divine. It underlies all progress for man. By its means, my brothers and sisters, you can come into correct relationship with God; and this, My friends, underlies your lives. When you share, you recognise God in your brother. This is a simple truth, simple, but until now difficult for man to grasp. The time has come to evidence this truth.

Lord Maitreya

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